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About Wago


WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections.


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Lever Nuts


Lever Nuts 222 Series




The universal 222 Series for solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors. With its connecting range of 0.08 mm² – 2.5 mm² “s”/4 mm² “f-st”, it connects lighting fixtures, sunblinds, awnings, door and gate controls, inter phones, pumps, loudspeakers and many other applications … , without tools!


Top Job S Terminal Block

TOPJOB®S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks



The TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal block family is the ideal solution for industrial and hazardous applications, as it also is for building automation. The uses are almost limitless, with the smallest rail-mounted terminal blocks for DIN 35 rails and their intuitive use.






Modular Wago I/O System, IP 20

(750/753 Series)



Since it’s inception in 1995 as the first fieldbus independent modular input-output system, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM has grown to include programmable logic controllers (PLC), fieldbus couplers, and over 400 different digital, analog and special function modules.