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Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955 we launched our first product, Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.


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Wire Ties Panduit

Cable Ties


Panduit provides comprehensive bundling solutions including cable ties that are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications throughout the physical infrastructure.



Wire Ducting Panduit


Wire Duct


Panduit's wire duct allows you to quickly and easily manage and route wires and cables.



Solderless Terminals Panduit


Solderless Terminals


Wide variety of reliable, high-quality solderless solutions that include terminals.